Paul Mezier is a French writer, director and producer of immersive experiences. He joins established studios and develops personal projects to create virtual reality installations, video games and works of art.

Paul is a collaborator since 2017 of the French VR studio Orbital Views, the first company in the world to train astronauts with VR during zero-G flights. Within Orbital Views, Paul has produced several installations about space exploration and history, that went on to win awards (Grand Jury Prize, Laval Virtual Festival 2019) and have been displayed in international museums (Palais de la Découverte, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, PASS Museum).

His personal creations aim at questioning our understanding and representation of reality. Projects he has written have earned recognitions such as the Best Experience Award from HTC Vive in 2018; have been displayed in institutions such as the Grand Palais in Paris and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles; and showcased in festivals such as the NEXT Selection at Festival de Cannes, the Sandbox Immersive Festival in China, the World VR Forum in Switzerland and VR_Sci Fest in Sweden.

Paul is now writing a game about the emotions of a little girl. All his efforts aim at shining a light on the elusive mystery behind our lives.

January 2020

2019 In Science Festival, Nijmegen NL
2019 AWE Conference, Munich DE
2019 Association 1000 Visages, Paris FR
2018 VR_Sci Fest, Stockholm SE
2018 Games Developer Conference, San Francisco USA
2018 Imersa Festival, Columbus USA
2018 ‘Les Chemins de la Création’, France Culture
2017 Gaité Lyrique, Paris France

studio at paulmezier dot com