Paul Mezier is an artist and director of films and virtual reality experiences. He is particularly interested in human perception and the ways we make sense of the world from its representations. He works with production studios to create narrative, commercial or educative content while developing his own projects.

His past work have garnered international attention. Paul is the writer and director of OVERVIEW: A Walk Through The Universe, a VR documentary that won the ‘Best Educative Experience’ Award from HTC Vive. Overview is distributed worldwide by Mk2 and it is one of the most-appreciated VR experiences about space available online. He also created the Motion Works series, an abstract exploration of movement and perception in virtual reality that was selected by Kaleidoscope in Los Angeles.

Paul was born in France and lived abroad for several years. He studied in the USA and in the UK and practiced theatre in Ireland. He is now based in Paris and travels for festivals and productions.

Awards & Distinctions

2018 “Best Education Experience”, HTC Viveport

2018 Sandbox Immersive Festival, Qingdao
2018 XR 4 Change, New York
2018 VR_Sci Fest, Stockholm
2018 World VR Forum, Switzerland
2018 NEXT, Festival de Cannes
2018 Against Gravity, Poland
2018 Laval Virtual, France
2017 World VR Forum, Switzerland
2017 Kaleidoscope, Los Angeles

2018 VR_Sci Fest, Stockholm SE
2018 Games Developer Conference, San Francisco USA
2018 Imersa Festival, Columbus USA
2018 ‘Les Chemins de la Création’, France Culture
2017 Gaité Lyrique, Paris France

2018 HTC Vive
2018 VRScout
2018 VRFocus


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